25 packaging ideas for gifts

Have you already chosen the gift? Are you sure your present will please? But you don’t want to wrap the gift in classic gift wrap ? You are absolutely right, the type of packaging is so important, it is the first detail observed by the other person, so why not start with a nice feeling!

If you follow my article, you will have 25 original, simple and self-made gift packaging ideas. The 2019 gift packaging trends are creative and ecological packaging, France exports tons of wrapping paper every year according to statistics

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Do not forget to tell me your opinions on my proposals, you can help me to add new special packaging ideas. Otherwise, you can share my selection of gift packaging with your loved ones to help them offer the original and unforgettable gift .

25 Gift packaging ideas

Now, the trend is to create your own gift wrapping yourself , with your newspaper, your Kraft paper and personalize it as you wish, using strings, satin ribbons and other cool objects. The person receiving the gift will be surprised by the package and will even forget what it contains.

Here are my 25 gift packaging ideas , personally I really like the first proposal.

1.Slate packaging

What a lovely packaging idea  ! Wrapping the gift in slate paper gives you the opportunity to write, draw and leave a personal message. You certainly know the person who will receive the gift, so you will know what they will like.

In addition to helping the environment through the reuse of paper, you are helping to make your gift even more unique and personalized.

2. Diary packaging

Before disposing of old newspapers, consider turning them into gift wrapping  . This way you can pack boxes, make mini bags, paper towels, etc. In general, the idea is to highlight the texture of the newspaper, but you can still tie ties and other fabrics to complete the packaging.

3. Notebook / score paper

Yes, the notebook sheets that you do not use can be an original gift packaging. You can use custom stickers or a musical score.

4. Karft paper

This paper also allows you to personalize your gift, by making paintings, by sticking stickers, ribbons, flowers and bows.

5. Rolls of paper

Do you want to offer your gift with creative packaging ? So how about personalizing a roll of paper in a nice little box? It’s simple: just turn all the inside ends to close it, then wrap it with fabrics, knots and fir to your liking!

6. Packing with photos

When the gift deserves greater dedication, it is necessary to think in detail and offer an unforgettable gift . If you like photos, know that they can be reused in gift packaging: all you need is glue, scissors and several incredible cutouts of souvenir photos.

7. Interactive packaging

Offering a gift in interactive packaging is a double gift! There are many ways to surprise someone or show affection through them, just use the right tools!

And in this case, inspirations and creativity are what they do not lack. Take a look below at some ideas I have chosen for interactive gifts !

8. 3D effect packaging

Recommended especially for gifts intended for children, this gift can arouse many smiles.

The idea is to « give life » to certain elements, such as carts, chalks and trees, by giving them a cool design and sticking them on the packaging itself.

9. Humor calendar

It is good to think about the structure of the package, allowing the package to be reused after unwrapping the gift. So what about using packaging with the design of a calendar.

10. Packing with bows

If you are tired of gifts with traditional satin bows, you can also take inspiration from other gift wrapping ideas and inspirations that will give your gift a distinctive touch.

How about creating your own loop, relying on other materials. If you want to please, use interesting and decorative elements, such as ties with reinforced adhesive tape, colored fabrics, plastic or harder papers.

11. Wax pencils

Wax chalk has become a very important material for in the world of original gifts . With these pencils, you can write messages, make drawings and use your texture to apply on different papers.

12. Cardboard packaging

Have you ever come across cardboard gift wrapping ? Well, they are known as practical and original packaging ideas.

The main characteristic of this type of gift packaging is that it has a robust and well-structured format which facilitates stacking and, therefore, transport of the products. It is a good idea to enhance your gift.

13. Funny packaging

It is very original to offer a gift in a funny packaging for a friend, or for the birthday of a child Use funny patterns, you will find lots of inspirations on the internet.

14. The blisters

The blisters are formed by a support plate, generally made of plastic film or cardboard, on which this is fixed. In fact, it is a great choice for hosting kitchen items like cutlery and dishes, as well as batteries and other accessories.

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15. Packaging in pouch form

The pouches are flexible paper or plastic bags with a structure allowing them to remain in an upright position. It is a practical packaging idea to offer a box of homemade jam.

16. Wooden packaging

I cannot neglect wood gift packaging , after all, it was one of the first materials used in gift packaging.

The first positive point of this type of material is that it is able to gather a large quantity of the product in a single container. A good idea to offer a breakfast or a basket of fruit as a Valentine’s Day gift .

17. Warm packaging

If you want to give a Christmas gift, or because it is cold when you give the gift, I suggest you wrap the gift in a woolen fabric.

18. Scarf packaging

Keep your scarves, they can be useful for wrapping gifts . Choose colored scarves with square-shaped patterns.

19. Packaging with colored buttons

I am sure that you, like me, have a box containing the stitching items and buttons of different sizes, shapes and colors. This is an opportunity to decorate your gift packaging with these beautiful accessories.

20. Sensational packaging

If the occasion is so special and you want to give a Valentine’s Day gift or a wedding anniversary, I suggest you wrap the gift with lace or flowers. This detail is very popular with women.

21. Use monograms

Use monograms to make restricted packaging , just paste the first letter of the name of the person affected by the gift.

22. Jute bag

The burlap sack may seem banal to you as a gift wrapping, but if you add a pretty ribbon, you will get spectacular packaging .

23. Washi tape

You can be creative with colorful adhesive tapes and with patterns. The market offers a wide variety of Washi tape, let yourself be guided by your imagination and decorate a neutral gift packaging.

24. Flowers of folded paper

It can take a little while to make flowers out of folded paper, but trust me, it proves that you have invested time to please your loved one.

25. Add balls

Gift wrapping with balls or pompoms is so cute, you can combine pompoms in different colors. Choose a neutral material packaging to draw attention to the pretty pompoms.

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It is with pleasure that I have selected these 25 gift packages for you, it is always a pleasure to offer ideas to make others smile. Some packaging may please you while others less, each has its own taste, I tried to please everyone.

Thank you for giving me your own opinions on my selection of gift packaging , and above all, do not hesitate to share my packaging list with your friends to give them inspiration.


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