1001 Super idées cadeaux 2020

Whenever a special occasion arises, such as a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas or Mother’s Day. people are beginning to ask themselves these questions: « What an exceptional gift to offer? »  » Can I be creative?

The answer is: yes this is possible but not easy 

This is why I decided to make an effort to offer you suggestions for more creative, unusual or useful gifts for men, women and adolescents with all price ranges. Keep my gift ideas among your favorites, you will need them all year round and for all occasions.

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Statistics on the best gifts desired by the French

Many people find it very difficult to choose the perfect gift, I searched the net for statistics on the gifts most desired by the French. And this is what I discovered on my-reduc :

34% of French people prefer to receive money instead of gifts, no wonder! The type of gift that follows is all that is fashionable, that is that the 27% of the French subjects of this survey have chosen. Discover on this graph, the other gifts so desired by the French.

1001 best gift ideas 2020

I will start with the best gift ideas for women according to age groups, then I will suggest gifts for men and teenagers, also love gifts, birthday, future mother, wedding gifts and other types of gifts.

Best gift ideas for women between 20 and 30

Teddy bear with scarf and heart

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With its realistic style and color, it will be the ideal gift for your loved ones. It will make a great gift for birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or any other occasion.

Double heart bracelet 

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Are you looking for a gift to please a dear woman? Opt for this pretty double heart bracelet. The incomparable allure of this bracelet will bring a touch of character to your outfits.

Purple heart pendant 

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This pendant is suspended from a 45 cm chain secured with a spring ring clasp. Without a doubt, it will be a magnificent addition to your jewelry collection: Its trendy and summery style will go perfectly with a dress or a top.

Giant comforter Teddy Le Beau Teddy

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Boutique Maman You found the best Giant comforter This teddy bear, also called teddy bear by children, or doggie in Quebec, is a toy in the shape of a teddy bear. It is a traditional form of plush, stuffed with cotton

Bear In Eternal Roses 

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What a great idea to combine the two best love gifts for women into one. And if you did not know how many roses to offer, don’t worry, our bear is so generous.

Professional steam straightener

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For smooth steam straightening, this straightener hydrates the hair during styling and prevents it from drying out. Thanks to its floating titanium plates and its temperature levels, the straightener is suitable for all hair types.

Valentine’s Day Stitch Box

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Choose the Stitch box and make a truly unique and romantic gift! This cute little box to offer your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, for a birthday or just to show her that you love her.

2-piece velvet pajamas

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Boutique Maman has thought of cat fans, lovers of girly details, chills and those looking for a comfortable and warm homewear outfit!
Adopt these women’s pajamas composed of velvet jersey shorts dotted with a cat motif, and an ultra-fluffy short fleece top.

Lace bra and brief set

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Below that will turn it upside down, it is at mom boutique that you will find your happiness. This lingerie set composed of a push up bra and sexy panties will sublimate small breasts and make you irresistible!

Magnetic night light

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Are you looking for an original and ideal gift? Discover this magnificent revolutionary lamp! The design of the Magnetic Lamp is absolutely unique with a timeless, elegant, refined and unusual classic style!

1. Costume jewelry

A jewel always makes the eyes of young women shine! It is a foolproof gift for those who want to please the great love of their life. Obviously, the engagement ring is the jewel of the top!

I offer these 4 beautiful pieces of jewelry for a 20 year old woman, the pendants are admired by the girls. Here are my favorites:

Necklace with letters in a heart

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

Personally, I really like this cat motif pendant. It is elegant and valid for all occasions.

Cat motif pendant

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Another charming accessory that is one of the best gift ideas for 2020 is this feather pendant. It is trendy and can be worn with a dress or a T-shirt.

Feather pendant

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If you know a woman who likes to dare costume jewelry, she will love this triple layer pendant. It is a gift idea for a young woman.

Triple layer pendant

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2. Backpack

A backpack in the shape of an owl is a good idea for a 20 year old woman gift, she can wear it for small outings with friends, for a picnic or to go to university, why! If your wife likes to be distinguished from others, she would like to have this owl bag in her wardrobe.

Owl backpack

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3. Steering wheel cover

A young woman loves dazzling accessories and stuff, and if she owns a car, believe me, you will not find anything better than this faux fur steering wheel and lever cover.

Very soft and pleasant to the touch, this flying cover will appeal to special women who love to attract attention. It is the original gift not to be found in boutiques.

Steering wheel and lever house

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

4. Phone shell

Personally, I fell for this flamingo 3D shell for Iphone, What a nice gift for a girl or a fashionista lady. It will protect the phone and look amazing.

Pink flamingo shell in 3D Iphone

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

5. Bouquet of plush

Yes, it exists! If you are looking for a gift for women between 20 and 30 years old, I highly recommend this bouquet of 6 stitch plush toys with cute flowers. It is an excellent gift for Valentine’s Day and also for the birthday.

Bunch of Stitch Plushes

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6. Cosmetic product

Why not ! This type of gift is possible between girlfriends, friends and cousins. It is not highly recommended that a man offer a cosmetic product to a woman.

This foundation is exceptional and available in all shades, it perfectly covers the imperfections of the skin and gives a mat effect. Also it protects from the harmful rays of the sun (SPF 30).

Revolutionary foundation

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7. Nail accessory

Girls under the age of 30 often party, and they want to be fashion-forward. How about then offer holographic nail powder.

This surprising powder gives a multidimensional effect to the nails, it is so easy to apply: You first prepare the nails with UV TOP COAT, then you put the powder and you repeat until you get the desired effect.

Holographic nail powder

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And if we go now to my selection of the best gift ideas for women 30 and over. I tried to find the most stunning gifts.

Gift ideas for women 30 and over

From this age, the tastes and needs of women change. The woman’s personality is clearer and her feelings are more stable, you can easily detect what she likes. I think you will easily understand if she likes sports, cooking, reading or she is addicted to fashion.

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I’m going to offer gift ideas for women of different tastes, and it’s up to you to figure out which one is best for your girlfriend, sister, girlfriend or cousin.

1. Jewelry

This type of gift is suitable for all women, you just need to know how to choose the styles. A woman over 30 will find it difficult to wear a fancy bracelet, so choose a pretty but sober and classic accessory like this pendant. Simple jewelry can be worn every day and can be combined with any outfit.

This luxury watch is one of the best gift ideas for a woman over 30, at this age, women appreciate valuables. I have chosen this light and elegant stainless steel watch, distinguished by crystals inlaid on the dial.

Luxury ladies watch

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2. Special hairbrush

With this electric ionic hairbrush, women will save time and effort to style their hair. This accessory will protect hair from aggressive drying, it emits negative ions and makes hair shiny.

Electric ionic hair brush

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3. Moon night light: Women’s gift for Valentine’s Day

I offer this gift for men looking for a Valentine’s Day or birthday gift idea.

The moon night lamp is a useful and pleasant gift at the same time, it can be moved wherever she wants. A bright planet is superb in a bedroom, it will give a special and romantic effect.

The night light

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

4. Makeup

An original gift idea for a woman with whom you have an intimate relationship, such as a close friend, a colleague or a cousin.

This special waterproof eyebrow tattoo pen will save time and give a natural effect. The tattoo will last all day!

Eyebrow tattoo pen

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

5. Gift for animals

Is your wife athletic? Does she like to jog with her dog? So this dog leash will be so practical for her. It is adjustable and attaches around the waist, and also healthy for the dog.

Laisse pour chiens mains libres

Prenez chez : Boutique Maman

6. Cadeau créatif et original

Moi aussi j’étais surprise en découvrant cet article innovant, une machine pour fabriquer un masque faciale gélatineux.

La principale fonctionnalité de cette machine est transformer les jus de fruits et légumes à un masque, qui s’applique directement sur le visage. Je dois l’avoir moi aussi !

Machine à masque fuites et légumes

Prenez chez : Boutique Maman

Idées cadeaux femmes de 50 ans et plus

Une femme de 50 ans et plus sera ravie de recevoir un cadeau de bien être, de loisir et de confort. Tout type de cadeau utile, pratique et relaxant sera le bienvenue.

I will suggest the best gift ideas for older women, I decided to be as creative as possible to impress and above all, so that your present is preserved as long as possible. I think this is what you are looking for!

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1. Anti-fatigue socks

Do not be ashamed to offer anti-fatigue socks, some people will say that this gesture expresses a bad message, but believe me, she will be so delighted with this gift.

The person who uses these anti-fatigue socks does not necessarily have to suffer from foot pain, they will feel great comfort during races and trips in town. Do not hesitate to choose this gift for your parents and grandparents.

Anti-fatigue socks

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

2. Yoga mat

Yoga is a sport that is practiced by young and old. This mat is an accessory that will encourage to practice yoga at home and at a professional.

It is one of the best gift ideas for women who care about their well being, this acupuncture mat is also recommended for back pain. A super relaxing!

Yoga mat and back and foot massage

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3. Therapeutic neck pillow

Give a gift that helps to enjoy quality sleep will certainly be a great gift. I also want it!

I found you this therapeutic cushion that relieves neck pain and guarantees a good night’s sleep. The pillow releases muscle tension in the neck and shoulders, and adapts easily to all body types.

Therapeutic neck pillow

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4. Hooded blanket

It’s cold ? I then redirect you to a great gift for women who like to watch TV series, or read books in the living room.

The hooded cover with sleeves is an original and innovative gift idea. Your wife or mother will be warm while watching movies on Netflix, and reading on the sofa. This plaid is quilted and allows easy movement.

Hooded blanket

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This list of gifts for women is not yet complete, I will soon share even more gift ideas for her. Let me show you the Women’s Collection to discover a wide variety of products for women of all ages.

It is now time to move on to dear gentlemen, they can be a lover, a husband, a friend, a brother or a cousin. I will make sure that my collection of gift ideas for men is as varied as possible. Discover it!

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Best Men Gift Ideas

I’m going to start my gift ideas for men with the most classic gift, but I decided to look for the most innovative model for you. This is the tension razor.

1. Professional razor

This innovative tensioner can be used to remove hair from the nose, ears, eyebrows and of course the beard. Man will not have to have several tensioners, each has a specific function.

This revolutionary tension razor combines all the options in one product. It is a practical and economical men’s gift.

Professional 4 in 1 tension razor

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Men’s Slim Lapel Coat

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

We love the city side and chic of this plain wool coat for men. The double row of buttons at the front provides a very classy, ​​caban-style touch. This coat can be worn over jeans as well as dress pants.

2. Well-being accessory

I think this gift will be admired by women who live with a man, who shaves in the bathroom, leaving the hairs everywhere. It can be a gift for a man and an article that its use will please the woman.

Shaving apron

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

3. Car accessory

Anyone looking for a men’s gift should definitely think of a car accessory. The car is the intimate friend of all men! It is for this reason, I chose this storage case for car seat.

This case keeps the car always tidy, more stuff placed everywhere on the back seats. This auto accessory contains several pockets to put cups, Ipad, paper box and many other things.

Car seat storage bag

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

4. Natural oil

You know a bearded man and you want to give him a practical, useful gift that he will no doubt like. I then suggest this beard and hair growth oil.

Growth oil is made from ginseng, the miraculous Chinese plant. It is a powerful and natural aphrodisiac, which has the power to improve hair growth. 

Natural oil for beard and hair growth

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

5. Leather steering wheel cover

If you offer a gift related to the car, it will be absolutely appreciated by the man, that’s for sure!

What do you think of this leather steering wheel cover, a luxury accessory for the car, men also love beautiful accessories.

Leather steering wheel cover

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

6. DIY gift

One of the best gift ideas for men is to offer a DIY object, of course if your man likes to do chores at home.

Ce gant spécial rend le bricolage facile, votre homme finira rapidement ses tâches. Il est fabriqué à partir de néoprène solide et durable, et issu de deux lampes de qualité.

La gant magique LED

Prenez chez : Boutique Maman

Meilleures idées cadeaux amour 2020

Les occasions romantiques sont les plus célébrées par un homme et une femme, elles représentent une opportunité pour renouveler les déclarations d’amour. Alors, j’ai décidé de vous ramener ma sélection des meilleures idées cadeaux amour pour  2020.

1. Les peluches : Top des cadeaux amour

Si vous voulez voir le grand sourire d’une femme, vous devez lui offrir une peluche. De ma part, je propose cet adorable doudou en roses éternelles, quelles belle idée cadeau amour !

This bear in eternal roses is made with hundreds of small roses, very pleasant to the touch. The combination of flowers is the classic love gift that always has an effect on women.

Soft toy in roses

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

I also found this giant teddy bear, the darling of all young girls and women.

Entirely made of cotton, this giant non-padded bear is designed to keep you company during moments of solitude. One of the best love gift ideas.

Giant teddy bear

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

2. Lingerie: One of the best love gift ideas

I know that I insisted on love gifts for women, it is because on a romantic occasion, it is the man who gets more lost in the choice of romantic gifts. But that doesn’t prevent me from offering love gift ideas for men, that’s for sure!

This 4-piece pajama set is designed with a fabric so soft, and pleasant to the touch, to enjoy an adorable sleep.

4-piece pajama set

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

Looking for a Valentine’s Day love gift for your wife? How about sexy lingerie! Invite your valentine for a romantic dinner, and then offer this lace babydoll, with a straight neckline in front and rounded behind.

Open lace nightie

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

3. Men’s watch

Here is a love gift for men! This personalized dial watch will please your man, he will be able to see your photo all day long. The watch is made of quality materials, it is a luxury gift and not only creative.

Custom dial watch

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

4. Car camera

Giving a gift for the car is also a love gift for men, yes! A whole present in relation to your lover’s car is a romantic gift, believe me!

This beautiful HD camera lets you record beautiful landscapes as you go. It’s perfect for filming the interesting things you come across during your trip.

HD camera for car

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

Best birthday gift ideas for 2020

Je ne peux pas oublier les meilleures idées cadeaux anniversaire, célibataire ou en couple, ce type de cadeau est à offrir tôt ou tard. Voici donc ma collection des cadeaux anniversaire pour homme et femme.

1. Cadeau drôle pour anniversaire

Quand je décide d’acheter un cadeau anniversaire, je cherche souvent des idées cadeaux créatives, comme un pyjama drôle.

Cette combinaison rigolote est une idée cadeau original pour anniversaire. Ce pyjama flanelle offrira non seulement une touche d’humour, mais aussi un grand confort et l’assurance de rester bien au chaud.

Pyjama flanelle

Prenez chez : Boutique Maman

2. Canapé gonflable

Why not an inflatable sofa couch ! Hyper light, very solid and water repellent, it is easily transported everywhere and adapts to use in the great outdoors: park, mountain, garden, beach, swimming pool, camping, hiking etc …

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

3. Bracelet watch: Anniversary gift for women

As I said before, jewelry is the best gift idea for women, it can be offered on all occasions.

This wristwatch is elegant and special in its genre, with a golden dial and a unique design belt. She is modern and will be admired by young female fashionistas.

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

4. Hat with ears

Accessories are also one of the birthday gift ideas, for women and men. If it’s cold, choose this funny hat with ears.

Composed of knitting wool, cotton and faux fur, the earcap guarantees warmth and softness. Soft and comfortable, it fits the shape of the head perfectly and goes down well to cover the ears and forehead.

Beanie with ears

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

5. Smartphone support

The Smartphone has become essential these days, it gives you inspiration for gift ideas. I fell for this funny cat support, too cute.

This adhesive holder clings to your phone to prevent it from slipping between your hands. To watch a video or to watch a recipe while cooking, this cat-shaped smartphone holder is very practical!

Adhesive support smartphone cat

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

6. Creative phone case

Always with a gift related to the phone, I redirect you to this magnificent tempered glass shell breathtaking. In addition to offering solid protection to the iPhone, it adds elegance to the mobile.

Hardened phone case

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

I will now move on to wedding anniversary and wedding party gift ideas, I will vary the choices to give you inspiration for gifts, for men and women of different tastes.

Wedding anniversary and wedding party gift ideas for women

A wedding anniversary is a very valuable occasion, especially for the woman. A couple must celebrate the anniversary of their marriage or the start of their relationship, to revive their love. Discover some original and innovative wedding anniversary gift ideas below.

1. Duvet with sleeves wedding gift idea

Whether for the first wedding anniversary or the 50th, this sleeved comforter is a great gift idea.

This cover is very practical whether you are surfing the web with your computer, or want to take a look at a film while drinking tea.

Sleeve quilt

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

2. Jewelry box

Tell your wife that you still love her after years of marriage, even if she already knows it.

This jewelry box will be a good wedding anniversary gift idea. With solid construction for durable use and resistance to wear and scratches.

Designer jewelry box

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

3. Slippers

Eh yes ! After years of marriage, we like to give useful gifts that don’t stay in the back of the closet. And the slippers are perfectly.

These cat slippers are comfortable and cute, you will find them at Boutique Maman for men and women

Cat pattern slippers slippers

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

4. Designer pillowcase

Offering designer pillow cases is also a good wedding anniversary gift idea. All decoration gifts are perfect as a wedding gift.

This sublime cover should light up the living room and make it even more classy! Made entirely from high quality linen and cotton, be sure that this cover is soft, resistant and very easily washable.

Tropical pillowcase

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

5. Handbag

Among the best gift ideas for a woman; a handbag. For a wedding anniversary, opt for a quality bag and choose a noble material such as leather.

This handbag in imitation leather, is practical with a zipper and adjustable strap, it will marry with all outfits.

Leather handbag

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

6. Iron

If the woman likes to wear the dresses, do not hesitate to offer this mini iron . No need for a board, just hang the clothes and let the iron do its job. Convenient for travel! 

Mini iron

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

Wedding anniversary and wedding party gift ideas for men

I’m going to go to the wedding anniversary gift list for men. During the couple years, each woman knows very well the tastes of her man, so it will be easy to find the ideal gift for him among my collection. Discover it right after!

1. Mini HD camera for car

A gift for the car is always my first choice for a men’s gift, even more for a wedding anniversary.

Cette mini caméra HD dash haute définition avec une résolution de 1080p, peut enregistrer une plaque d’immatriculation lors d’un accident ou capturé le paysage pendant un long voyage sur la route.

Mini caméra HD pour voiture

Prenez chez : Boutique Maman

2. Protection de siège auto

Si votre homme aime que son chien l’accompagne dans ces déplacements et voyage, il aura donc besoin d’une protection de siège auto.

Elle est en Oxford résistant, protège votre coffre des souillures et des poils de chiens. Elle est très simple à poser et à ôter, très résistante et est imperméable.

Housse de protection siège pour voiture

Prenez chez : Boutique Maman

3. Enfile-chaussettes

S’il s’agit d’un anniversaire de mariage qui dépasse les 20 ans, il faut penser à des idées cadeaux utiles et de confort, comme cet enfile-chaussettes.

Enfile-chaussettes et chaussures

Prenez chez : Boutique Maman

4. Chaussons de massage

Pour le confort de votre conjoint, offrez ces chaussons de massage. Les billes tournantes pressent les points de pression au bas de vos pieds qui, à leur tour, affectent tout votre corps. Chaque balle est conçue pour appliquer un effet maximum avec une douleur minimale.

Chaussons de massage à l’acupuncture

Prenez chez : Boutique Maman

Je pense qu’il est temps de passer aux idées cadeaux pour les jeunes, découvrez avec moi une super sélection de cadeaux pour adolescents.

Meilleures idées cadeaux pour adolescents

Je sais à quel point, il est difficile de choisir un cadeau pour des adolescents, ils sont exigeants. Ils n’hésiteront pas à vous dire qu’ils n’aiment pas le cadeau. Vaut mieux alors faire le bon choix ! J’ai fait un effort pour proposer les meilleures idées cadeaux des jeunes, les voici :

Gift ideas for a teenage girl

1. Original hat

I’m going to start my list of gift ideas for teenage girls with this rabbit hat. An original gift for girls under 18.

She will love this rabbit hat with moving ears , everyone will laugh when she wiggles the ends of the drooping legs.

Rabbit hat with moving ears

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

2. Phone case: Young girl gift

Offering an original phone case will certainly appeal to a young girl, it has become an important accessory. I found you a shell that will not go unnoticed.

This shell decorated with rhinestones, trendy and elegant, is a perfect accessory to match any outfit.

Case with rhinestones for Smartphone

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

3. Pompom hat

The pompom beanies are trendy accessories 2019/2020, what do you think of choosing this pompom beanie with rhinestones.

With its timeless cut that suits all face shapes and the outline dotted with rhinestones, this hat will be a big hit this winter!

Hat With pearls, rhinestones and pompom

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

4. Hair removal product

We cannot deny the importance of hair removal for a teenager, she cares about everything that has to do with her appearance. I then suggest these hair removal sponges.

Unlike the long cream to apply, the hair removal sponge can be used in a very short time, in the shower. It thickens the hair by cutting it flush, the sponge creates an abrasion which has two effects: The skin is soft and the hair grows naturally.

Pain-free hair removal sponge

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

5. Costume jewelry

Girls love jewelry, of course, but they prefer fancy accessories to stand out from the crowd. Admire what I chose as a jewel for teenage girls.

This pendant will make your partner or friend extremely happy if you offer it as a gift. Modern and elegant, encrusted with crystals, it will surely satisfy you and will give you a look of the most beautiful effect.

Panda shaped pendant

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

6. Hair accessories: Girls gift

Les jeunes filles accordent une grande attention à leurs coiffures, elles recherchent les coupes tendances et les accessoires spéciales cheveux, pour être les plus belles.

Ces boucleurs aident à Vous obtenir des boucles amples, volumineuses, d’une manière spectaculaire et efficace. La technologie sans chaleur protégera des dommages aux cheveux. Ils demeurent donc en santé et en bon état !

Boucleurs magiques

Prenez chez : Boutique Maman

Passant maintenant aux idées cadeaux pour un adolescent, le choix est tellement varié. Je n’ai pas manqué les cadeaux de technologie et fashion, les deux premières préoccupations de tous les jeunes garçons.

Meilleures idées cadeaux pour un adolescent

Vous devez offrir un cadeau pour un adolescent ? Votre frère, votre cousin ou votre fils ? Je vais vous faire économiser du temps et d’efforts en vous proposant des idées cadeaux pour adolescents. J’attends vos remarques à propos de mes choix, n’hésitez pas à me proposer vos suggestions de cadeaux.

1. Support Smartphone

Les jeunes ne peuvent se passer de leurs Smartphones, j’ai donc pensé au support flexible pour mobile et tablettes.

Ce support flexible se fixe presque partout avec sa pince puissante et une seconde pince à l’autre extrémité maintient votre smartphone à la fois fermement et en douceur.

Support flexible pour Smartphone

Prenez chez : Boutique Maman

2. Bracelet

Les jeunes garçons se préoccupent également de leurs look, un bracelet est un bon choix de cadeau adolescent pour un anniversaire, ou bien pour célébrer une réussite.

Ce bracelet Mâla transforme l’esprit et adoucie du haut vers le bas du corps. Il aide à être plus rationnel(le) et logique dans la vision de voir les choses.

Bracelet Mâla en Pinolite

Prenez chez : Boutique Maman

3. Sac à dos multifonctionnel

Un jeun homme aimera tellement recevoir un sac à dos pour son anniversaire ou à Noel, il pourra y mettre ses affaires pour se rendre à l’école ou bien pour faire des petits voyages.

Le sac à dos révolutionnaire a été conçu pour permettre aux personnes accros à la technologie, de voyager  ou de se déplacer avec plusieurs appareils électroniques et de pouvoir les utiliser sans avoir besoin d’ouvrir le sac.

Anti-theft multifunctional teen bag

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

4. Pocket guitar

Think of the pocket guitar as a gift for a brother, a cousin or for your son. If he has never tried the guitar, this is an opportunity to do it at home and wherever he goes.

This guitar is designed to allow beginners to improve, and professionals to play the guitar in all circumstances without cluttering the instrument.

Pocket guitar

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

5. Bluetooth hat

The bluetooth cap with headphones allows you to protect yourself from the cold and to answer phone calls.

Bluetooth hat with earphones

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

6. Keyboard sealant

Think of the good of your son or brother, and offer this keyboard cleaning putty. He can keep his keyboard always clean and thus protect from bacteria.

The use of keyboard cleaning putty is very easy, the material is handy with the hand, he can transform it as he wants and put it on the keyboard. Once removed, thousands of microbes and cookie crumbs will be glued.

Keyboard cleaning putty

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

Best gift ideas for a future mom

Many people have doubts about choosing a gift for a pregnant woman. If you have this « problem », I have prepared a wonderful list of gift suggestions for future moms. Then give me your opinions!

1. Nap pillow

An expectant mother always needs a nap, so consider giving her a special pillow so she can rest at home or in the car.

This cushion creates a small private space within the public space, to relax and decompress and now allows you to sleep anywhere and anytime.

All-terrain nap pillow

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

Otherwise, you can choose the pregnancy cushion for pregnant women, which is designed to allow the woman to settle comfortably between the two arms.

Primarily cotton, the pregnancy cushion helps to alleviate the pain associated with pregnancy. It can also be used as a nursing pillow.

Pregnant woman cushion

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

2. Size extension

La femme enceinte a certainement un souci avec ses vêtements, notamment quand le ventre commence à s’arrondir. Pou l’aider, choisissez un accessoire malin qui lui fera une sacrée économie, il s’agit de l’extension de taille.

Ce kit est un moyen facile et économique de transformer les jeans, pantalons, jupes, shorts en vêtement de grossesse.  Discret et confortable, l’agrandisseur de pantalons s’adapte parfaitement au ventre à chaque étape de grossesse.

Extension taille

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3. Legging grossesse

Toujours une tenue confortable pour une future maman, un legging spécial grossesse sera sans doute très admiré par elle.

These imitation leather leggings are comfortably adapted to the size of the round belly of a pregnant woman, and can be worn high to maintain them perfectly. 

Faux leather pregnancy leggings

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4. Storage accessory

Any storage accessory will be a useful gift for a future mother. The choice is immense on Boutique Maman , I chose one that I liked so much.

This rear seat organizer with the multi-pocket guarantee to keep the car organized and clean! It has a large storage space.

Rear seat storage

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5. Baby carrier

A baby carrier is one of the most practical and useful products for parents. So I thought of finding you one that was pretty, comfortable and inexpensive.

The baby carrier is equipped with a solid belt and padded shoulder straps, allowing mom or dad to move everywhere with baby comfortably installed.

Ventral baby carrier

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6. Baby clothes

A future mother’s gift can be an article for her, or a product for the baby, you have the total choice. I have given you some gift suggestions for pregnant women, now I suggest baby gifts.

This sleeping bag is warm, soft and comfortable so that the baby is always covered while sleeping. It will make everyone crack.

Bunny ears sleeping bag

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This soft and comfortable set, mainly in cotton, it is made to be worn in autumn and winter. Beautiful pictures of babies will be taken with this beautiful outfit.

7. Plush

You can give a stuffed toy to a pregnant woman, she can use it as a pillow for her baby. Pay attention to the choice of the plush, it must be of quality.

This elephant-shaped, soft, soft and comfortable pillow will delight the sleep of young and old alike. The padding of the  giant comforter  is neither too soft nor too hard!

Elephant plush

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8. Baby carrier jacket

This baby carrier jacket with hood is specially designed for autumn and winter, making it easy to carry the baby and to take care of the parents’ activities without any problem. 

Baby and mom common jacket

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Je vais rester dans les suggestions de cadeaux pour la maman, et vous proposer maintenant des idées cadeaux pour le baptême. Admirez les articles mignons pour les bébés !

Idées cadeaux baptême pour 2020

Nous ressentons tous un grand amusement quand nous achetons des produits pour les bébés, tous les articles sont à croquer, trop mimi et hyper sympa. Je vais commencer mes top 7 idées cadeaux baptême !

1. Lit pour bébé

Un lit pour bébé est toujours utile ! Pour être plus original, vous pouvez offrir un lit spécial et pratique pour simplifier le quotidien des parents. Et voilà le lit que j’ai choisi :

Avec cet astucieux lit bébé pliable, le bébé pourra dormir confortablement près des parents un peu partout : Dans la chambre à coucher, au salon, au jardin ou en faisant un pique-nique.

Lit bébé pliable

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2. Changing mat

This changing mat offers all the advantages of a standard diaper changing station, but with several additional advantages. Equipped with a diaper pocket, a barrier to hang toys and divert your child’s curiosity.

Changing mat for changing diapers

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A mom will need a changing bag with a large capacity, to support all that a baby will need while traveling.

This Changing Bag combines fashion and functionality, beautifully designed, it offers enough space for all your baby’s needs when you are traveling.

Large capacity changing bag

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3. Baby bath accessories

Baby bath accessories are also recommended as a baby shower gift. The choice is vast, find a typical and original accessory that will appeal to parents and that will be unique.

This soft, fluffy baby bath flower fits in the basin of your sink or sink, and adapts to the shape so you can wash the baby at breast height.

Children’s bath flower

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4. Baby clothes

To fight against the cold, nothing better than this warm hooded suit and very cozy. The baby will have the impression of being on a small cloud!

Autumn panda jumpsuit

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5. Baby hat

Babies with hats never go unnoticed, even more so with a pom-pom hat. And this is my next choice for baptism gift.

This hat is ultra sober, with its slightly loose cut and ribbed knit, and at the same time fun and trendy. For the coldest days choose this pretty hat for baby.

Baby hat with double pompom

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This very soft Rabbit hood is made of an ultra-soft, ecological and hypoallergenic material. To associate absolutely with mittens and matching slippers!

Hood with rabbit ears

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6. Down jacket

I fell for this down jacket for girls . Modular, warm and comfortable, it combines modernity and technicality.

Hooded puffer jacket for girls

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7. Mother daughter outfit

Nobody can resist in front of the beautiful photos of moms and little girls or boys, who wear outfits that look alike. A great gift idea, isn’t it!

Comfortable and soft, this set is ideal for walks or photo shoots. The child will have a look at the top all winter thanks to this pretty cotton and wool bonnet topped with a large pompom.

Hat for mom and baby

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Cover with sleeves

Not far from the fluff, the quilt with handmade sleeves is so soft as a stuffed animal. A great idea for her to watch her favorite series while keeping her arms warm.

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When choosing a  gift for women , you should consider the relationship you are in. For example, you can only  offer  cosmetic products  to people with whom you have developed close relationships.

Flowers bear 45cm – Best Gift for Women

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

Stuffed plush bouquet

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

La Veilleuse Lune: Best Valentine’s Day Gift

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Giant comforter Teddy Le Beau Teddy

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

Luxury watch with strass edition 2019

Pick up at: Boutique Maman

My selection of 1001 best gift ideas is not yet finished, I will very soon enrich my article with even more original gifts for more special occasions.

I hope you liked my choice of gifts, do not hesitate to leave me comments to give me your opinions on the gifts I have chosen for you, and also offer me other suggestions for gifts for the whole family.

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