The most unusual hairstyles during confinement. It is to die of laughing!

Due to the confinement, your neighborhood hair salon has become a non-essential business, which means your hair will not get professional treatment anytime soon. It shouldn’t be easy going. Sometimes you stand in front of the mirror, holding the pair of kitchen scissors.

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And some people have had enough. After all, spring is the right time to refresh those looks and the haircut. The result is failed, hilarious, and downright bad haircuts multiply on the canvas. We have compiled them just for you, just to give you ideas. Don’t forget to vote for your favorites!

My husband’s quarantine haircut


We call it « Corona »

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My kid cut his hair yesterday

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We are now living in an unprecedented situation. There are a few tips that hairdressers can teach you while waiting for your return to work, such as cutting your bangs. First of all, don’t cut your hair loose – try to cut strands at once. Second, go millimeter by millimeter and don’t cut straight lines. To do this, you use the point cut, which is where you hold the scissors vertically, not horizontally.

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Belinda Jeffrey, the award-winning hair colorist and owner of several hair salons, says cutting your dead ends isn’t a priority. « Use this time for treatments to repair the damage caused by styling and coloring to restore it to the best possible condition when you can resume your normal routine. »

My brother got a haircut

Stronger than my hairdresser 


Strongly reopening 

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Most importantly, remember that this is just a haircut. Don’t worry about making a mistake, the hair will grow back as quickly as it is gone.

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In an interview, Ryan Forsythe, senior director and education manager at Trevor Sorbie in Covent Garden, London, said it’s best to leave your hair to the pros. We have all had bad haircuts at home.

Josh went for the full bowl cut


Dad too joined the club 

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Containment is a great opportunity to give your hair a much-needed break from drying and styling tools. « Give him the love he needs with the right treatments: hydrating, fortifying / repairing. » Now you have time to let the products do their job.

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Hairdressers at home

Home hairdressers are also affected by closings, salons are closed. But home hairdressers and their clients were a little late in coming into line. It took a few days for them to understand that this activity was at least as exposed as that of home helpers or that of certain caregivers.

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